Yusagi (darkbunnyrabbit) wrote in sortofyeah,

Finding Me Chapter 3 (Doctor Who/Casanova PG-13)

Title: Finding Me
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 4x13 Journey's End
Pairings: Rose/Ten.5, possible others in the future
Genre: Angst, Adventure, Romance
Summary: Sometimes things go terribly wrong, and sometimes everything falls apart. And sometimes, the universe expects you to pick up and keep on going anyway.

Disclaimer: Still not mine.

AN: This one took a bit longer, because I kept getting distracted it was sort of a complicated and awkward thing to write. Yet, it needed to be done, so we shall see where the story goes from here.

He'd mentioned to her once before, years ago, that his memories were sometimes confused after regenerating.
Tags: fic, rose/ten
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