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It looks like the Doctor is back

(and we like Time Lords round here)

I'm the Doctor. Run for your life!
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Sort Of, Yeah - a new Dr Who community:

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For everyone who is excited by the new series and the future of Dr Who, but who doesn't remember much apart from sofas, sonic screwdrivers and men who could *really* accessorise.

For everyone who has waited stoic for the best part of two decades for this and is now really, really giddy.

For people who are really in it for the lovely Billie.

For everyone who likes wiry Northern aliens in leather jackets.

Your friendly mods are ellielabelle (a New, but mad-obsessed Who fan) and trav28 (an Old School Who fan). Our banner was made by 11nine73 - she's ace. (Not Ace the companion, though)

Whatever you want to bring to the party, be it news, reviews, pictures, links, fan-fiction (under a cut, or as a link, please), spoilers (also under a cut), or general fan-based excitement, you're welcome here.

For the general viewing public - so that's everyone, really.